The Casserole Club Story

Back in 2011

Back in 2011 FutureGov created a new kind of community project -- specially designed to connect people who like to cook with their older neighbours who aren’t always able to cook for themselves.

We started with just one person

We started with just one person, a mobile phone and an Excel spreadsheet to see if we could bring neighbours and communities together over meal. We had a hunch that Casserole Club could be a positive and very human way to tackle some of the health and social care challenges we face today.

Four years later

Now, more than four years later, there are Casserole Clubs in local areas across England and Australia. More than 7,000 people have signed up to take part in the service to share thousands of tasty, home-cooked meals with their neighbours who need it most.

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It's convenient

Casserole works because it takes something volunteers are already doing -- cooking meals at home -- and transforms it into a service that helps make local communities stronger. And since there are few requirements about how and when extra portions of food are shared, our Cooks and Diners are able to choose the meal sharing experiences that work for them.


It makes people happy

Through this simple act of sharing food, we’ve seen new friendships and connections develop that make us smile everyday. Check out Maria and Olena. or Kate and Jeanette. But whether our Cooks and Diners have been sharing for years or just a few months, nearly everyone who takes part in Casserole is happier for having done so.