Terms & Conditions

Casserole Club is a project of FutureGov Ltd. Where ‘Casserole Club’, ‘Casserole’, ‘us’, ‘the project’ or ‘the club’ is referred to below, we are referring to FutureGov Ltd, specifically the Casserole Club project. The terms below cover our relationship with individuals who sign-up on this website - referred to below as ‘Cooks’ and ‘you’.

If you are looking for answers to specific questions, you may find our FAQ page more helpful. You can also contact us at hello@casseroleclub.com and on 020 3475 3444.

Casserole Club is a free food-sharing project. We connect those who love cooking and want to meet more people in their area (Cooks), to others who would appreciate having a home cooked meal delivered by a friendly neighbour (Diners).

To take part in Casserole Club, Cooks are required to:

a) Complete and pass a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) criminal records check (previously known as a CRB check).

b) Meet a member of the Casserole Club team to present identity documents as part of the DBS check process, and to discuss their interest in joining Casserole Club and other relevant information.

c) Watch the provided food hygiene presentation and correctly answer all questions of a food hygiene quiz on this website.

d) Complete a personal profile on this website, and provide any further relevant information to the Casserole Club team if and when asked.

e) Agree to these terms and conditions.

At any point during a Cook’s relationship with Casserole Club, we can, at our discretion:

a) Terminate a Cook’s relationship with us, cancel all scheduled mealshares, and request that contact with all other members of the Casserole Club project (Cooks and Diners) ends immediately.

b) Ask you not to contact a specific Diner again.

c) Cancel a scheduled mealshare.

d) Pass any relevant information to any law enforcement organisation with relevant jurisdiction.

Unless necessary, we may not notify the Cook of any of the undertaking of any of the above actions. Cooks must comply with any of the requests above as soon as reasonably possible.

During your time as a Casserole Cook, you are required to:

a) Notify us immediately if any of your contact details change.

b) Read and abide by the “Cook’s Handbook” (and any updates) which is provided by us before you cook your first Casserole meal.

c) Treat other members of the Casserole Club (Cooks and Diners) with respect and dignity - treat them as you would a friend.

d) Abide by all relevant legislation.

e) Notify us of any concerns you have about the wellbeing, behaviour or conduct of another Casserole Club member (Cook or Diner).

Casserole Club is not and cannot be held responsible for and is not liable for any loss, damage or harm resulting from your activity associated with, enabled by, or initiated from, through or with Casserole Club.

Note: The terms of business of online DBS providers also apply to users when undertaking a DBS check.